Singlesticks (Fencing)

Singlestick was a type of fencing event in which a wooden stick, known as the singlestick, was used as the weapon. The rules of the fight remained the same for the singlestick as it was for the other fencing events.

The sport was contested as a part of the Olympics only once in 1904 and was discontinued after that due to lack of participation. Even in 1904 games, the only time the singlestick fencing event took place in the Olympics, only three competitors took part in the event. Among the three fencers, two of them were from the United States and one was from Cuba. There was no representation from any other country for the event.

Albertson Van Zo Post of Cuba took the gold medal scoring a total of 11 points. He scored an easy victory against the silver medalist William O'Connor from the United States who finished with eight total points. The bronze medal went to William Grebe, also from the United States. Grebe was totally outmatched by the other two competitors. He was only able to score a meager two points, and was lucky to get the bronze medal by virtue of being the only competitor left.


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