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Known as one of the premier vacation spots in the world, The Bahamas is a beacon for many sports. If you are an avid sportsman, you can definitely find your poison here. You can play basketball (the most popular sport in the country), cricket, bowling, football, gymnastics; golfing, racing, rugby, softball, soccer, squash, track & field, tennis, volleyball and even water sports are pretty much anywhere.

You can easily find a place to have a friendly match whether with a friend you came in or maybe even some of the locals. With more than 700 islands, you can certainly have a great place to get your heart going in The Bahamas.

The Bahamian culture has a special place for sports. Their traditional sport is sloop sailing. Basketball has become quite popular and they even have produced some great international talents like Dexter Cambridge, Ian Lockhart and Rick Fox all played in the American National Basketball Assosciation (NBA). Associated football, soccer as it is known for the most part of the country, is also growing in popularity. The second most popular sport in The Bahamas though is athletics (track & field) mainly due to their international success in the sport like in the IAAF World Championships in Athletics, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games and of course the Olympic Games where Frank Rutherford took the bronze in 1992 and brought home the country's first ever Olympic medal. Their first ever gold however came from the team of Chandra Sturrup, Debbie Ferguson, Eldece Clarke-Lewis, Pauline Davis-Thompson, and Savatheda Fynes who won in the 2000 Summer Games for the 4x100m relay.

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