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South Beach Diet

There is three phases to the South Beach Diet, with all carbohydrate foods restricted (bread, cereal, pasta, rice, grains, fruit, juice, potatoes and sugar) in the first phase.

The first phase of the diet is similar to the Atkins plan as you are encouraged to eat foods high in protein (meats, chicken, fish), but also allowed are low-fat cheeses, nuts and eggs as well as low GI vegetables (those low in carbohydrates).

The second phase is less strict, allowing some of the banned foods back into the diet, and the last phase, is to maintain with a healthy balanced diet. The focus is on a balance between good carbs and good fats, and is also based on the idea of using low GI carbohydrate foods.

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This diet is a little more sensible than Atkins as there is a restriction on the fat intake, and in particular the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol. However, the first phase can be quite dangerous with the low levels of carbohydrates in the diet potentially leading to ketosis, it should only be followed for two weeks and no more.

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