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No Sugar Diet

No sugar diet. The name speaks for itself.

Sugar is very hard to give up. It’s alright to binge on some desserts on special occasions, but in smaller amounts.  It is one of the reasons why there are a lot of obese people in the world. One in three Americans is obese. Many have already passed away died due to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

In the beginning of your No Sugar Diet, it’s normal dizzy, moody, insomnia, disorientation, abdominal pain, panic and obviously, you will crave and dream about sugar.

Try to avoid these when you’re on a No Sugar Diet

avoid food with lots of sugar avoid food with lots of sugar

And here are some that are allowed

Your body will thank you later. After days of your diet, you will feel so much healthier—Uninterrupted sleep, clear thinking, decreased stress, clear skin, improved mood, weight loss, the list goes on.

Gwyneth Paltrow was a sugar addict for years. She broke her addiction and is living the healthy life since 2010.
The No Sugar Diet is the only cure to obesity. A person consumes 140 to 200 pounds of sugar, per year. Now, that’s a lot.

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