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The Hormone Diet

The Hormone Diet claims that being overweight is caused by your imbalanced hormones. Dr. Natasha Turner explains in her book the reasons these hormones affect weight, stress, lagging libido, sugar cravings, belly fats and health issues. Her diet plan involves a 2-week detox and consuming Mediterranean foods and added supplements. By doing these, you will lose excess weight but gaining more nutrients to your body.

chicken and saladThe Hormone Diet involves consuming consuming Mediterranean foods

This diet is somehow similar to the Mediterranean diet. There are 3 phases during the 6-week diet.

Doing the Hormone Diet also helps your entire health. It’s important to eat foods that are organic and nutritious. You will be able to manage stress, get enough sleep and feel healthier.
For balanced hormones, here is a list of what to eat;

The only downside of this diet is supplement-dependence. You will need to take a lot of supplements for the period of the first phase. It’s potentially harmful to your health as they might interfere with medications or bring out some allergies. Losing 12 pounds in 2 weeks, as claimed by this diet, would be detrimental and also unlikely.

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