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French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet

The French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet is mainly about consuming high-quality foods but in moderate portions. Mirielle Guiliano author of the same title, says French women don’t do diets, don’t spend hours working out at the gym, don’t count calories or skip their meals. “French Zen” is about having a balanced relationship with food.

In France, eating a meal is a very important moment, sharing pleasure, food and a nice conversation. The French prepare their food in the kitchen. They take the time to choose, buy and prepare their meals.
Only 10% of French are obese. They enjoy cheese, croissants and chocolate.

To achieve weight lost, it’s important that you

For the diet, you may consume

After getting used to eating these, you will be able to enjoy foods like chocolate, wine and cheese, but with moderate portions.

French women don’t binge or snack. They don’t consume processed foods. They don’t take their car or a cab. Instead, they walk. Walking for 60 minutes to 90 minutes daily helps in maintaining your weight.  If they don’t walk, they cycle.

French women are not fans of that high-sugar, overly-sweetened drinks in cafes. They drink black coffee instead. Black with no sugar and it has zero calories.

Most French live in old apartment buildings. Old buildings normally don’t have elevators or lifts. They walk upstairs to their flats which burns 9 calories every minute.

They go out to go shopping and browse shops for 3 hours weekly, walking 5 kilometers, losing about 400 calories in the process.

A small portion of brie will help in the stimulation of the production of hormone cholecystokinin. It is a satiety signal which promotes an extended sense of satisfaction after eating even small amounts of high-fat foods.
It’s important to eat at least 30 different types of food per week to get all nutrients. French have access to high-quality, low-calorie fresh fruits and vegetables, which are very nutritious, dense and satisfying.

As the author of In Chic and Slim: How Those French Women Eat all that Rich Food and Still Stay Slim, Anne Barone said, “Forget diets! They are no fun and don't work. What I learned from French women is that ultimately staying slim is not about counting calories or fat grams. It is not about exercise exhaustion. It is really about personal style.”

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