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Formula for Measuring VO2

The measurement of the body's oxygen consumption (VO2) is commonly used in fitness testing. It is the measure of the amount of oxygen that is being consumed by the body to produce energy. Oxygen consumption can be measured at rest (basal metabolic rate or BMR), during exercise as measuring exercise economy, and at maximum effort (VO2max) as a measure of total aerobic capacity.

The most accurate way of determining VO2 is by measurement in the laboratory. This is actually the gold standard of aerobic fitness assessment. Testing in a laboratory is expensive and time consuming, and is not available for all athletes. There are alternative methods such as estimating through sub-maximal and maximal fitness tests, and by using other formula.

VO2 measures predict endurance running abilityVO2 measures can predict endurance running ability

Laboratory Methods

Sub-maximal Tests

Maximal Tests


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