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Vision Testing for Athletes

Vision is very important in sports, such as being able to focus on the ball and opposition players, watching the play down field, and seeing the ball and players in your periphery. Testing the eyes (vision testing) is not widely conducted for athletes, though there are many people (including optometrists and ophthalmologists) who believe that it is very worthwhile to test athlete vision, and with specific treatment and training athletes improve their performance.

equipment required: eye chart (e.g. Snellen chart), computer software and other equipment developed to test athlete vision, specialist optometry equipment.

Vision Eye Chart

procedure: There are many areas of vision that are relevant to sports people. Here is a list of some of the areas that can be tested.

Treatment: There is a range of possible treatments depending on the problem, including corrective lenses (spectacles or contact lenses) and sports vision training. Surgery is also an option for some eye defects. With visual training, the eye muscles can be strengthened, improving focus, contrast and depth perception, increasing peripheral awareness and reducing reaction times.

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