Eye Dominance Test

Most people have a tendency to prefer visual input from one eye more than the other. This is called ocular dominance (also sometimes called eye dominance or eyedness), and it can be relevant for some sports.

eye dominance testingFor target sports such as shooting and archery, it is important to determine your eye dominance when first working on technique. Athletes in other sports may rely on one eye too much for vision, meaning they would find it harder to see things towards the other side of the body. This is relevant for peripheral awareness (the ability to see objects in the peripheral of your vision).

It has been suggested that cross-dominance (in which the dominant eye is on one side and the dominant hand is on the other) is advantageous in sports requiring side-on stances (e.g. baseball, cricket, golf), though studies have not been able to confirm this.

There are some very simple tests to determine which of your eyes are dominant (the Miles and Porta tests). The Miles test is described here.

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