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Ponderal Index (PI)

The Ponderal Index (PI) is a measure of body composition using just the measuements of height and weight. It is also known as the Corpulence Index (CI) and the Rohrer's Index, as it was first proposed in 1921 as the "Corpulence measure" by Swiss physician Fritz Rohrer. BMI measurement is a more common calculation of body fatness using the same measurements. This is just one of many other methods for measuring ideal weight.

equipment required: scales and stadiometer for measuring weight and height.

procedure: The PI is calculated from measurements of body mass (M) and height (H). PI = weight divided by the height cubed, where body mass is in kilograms and height in meters. This is the metric version of the PI. Be aware that there are different variations of this formula which are also sometimes called the Ponderal Index.

Ponderal Index Calculator

kg lbs

meters cms inches

The above calculator is based on this formula: PI = Wt (kg) / Ht (m) 3

scoring: The higher the score indicates higher levels of body fat. When using the units of kilograms and meters, a normal PI index value is about 12.

target population: PI is commonly used in pediatrics.

advantages: a simple calculation from standard anthropometrical measurements

other comments: Other simple measures of body composition, such as skinfolds measurement, would be preferable if available.

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