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2-km Run Test Results

The 2-km run test (2000 meters / 1.24 miles) is one of many versions of the endurance walking or running test. Below are some results of athletes from a range of sports. See also the 2km run test world bests.

Top Scores

Comparing scores in the 2km run test is difficult, particularly as the test is often run outdoors and the effects of the environmental conditions (wind, heat, cold) can greatly affect the results. Other factors that may affect the variability of results include the amount of warm-up, motivation of the participants and the amount of encouragement given. Below are some of the test scores that have been found, though not all of them have been confirmed as accurate.

running around a track track running



Australian Football

In 2017 the AFL combine changed their running endurance test from the 3km run to the 2 km run test.



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