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World Best 2km Run Time

The 2-km run test (2000 meters / 1.24 miles) is a variation of the walking or running fitness test. It is a simple test of aerobic fitness, and is used for many sporting teams to test their athletes. It is commonly used for assessments for international cricket players and in Australia football. Below is the world records and best results from athletics, plus some top results of athletes from a range of other sports.

World Records

Here are the top 10 all-time best results for the 2000m run. The list was up to date in Feb 2021.

The current men's world record (and top-10)

  1. 4:44.79 Hicham El Guerrouj, Morocco
  2. 4:46.88 Ali Saïdi-Sief, Algeria
  3. 4:47.88 Noureddine Morceli, Algeria
  4. 4:48.69 Vénuste Niyongabo, Burundi
  5. 4:48.74 John Kibowen, Kenya
  6. 4:50.01 Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Norway
  7. 4:50.08 Noah Ngeny, Kenya
  8. 4:50.76 Craig Mottram, Australia
  9. 4:50.81 Saïd Aouita, Morocco
  10. 4:51.30 Daniel Komen, Kenya

The current women's world record (and top-10)

  1. 5:23.75 Genzebe Dibaba, Ethiopia
  2. 5:25.36 Sonia O'Sullivan, Ireland
  3. 5:26.93 Yvonne Murray, United Kingdom
  4. 5:27.50 Genzebe Dibaba, Ethiopia
  5. 5:28.69 Maricica Puică, Romania
  6. 5:28.72 Tatyana Kazankina, Soviet Union
  7. 5:29.64 Tatyana Pozdnyakova, Soviet Union
  8. 5:30.19 Zola Budd, South Africa
  9. 5:30.19 Gelete Burka, Ethiopia

Best Results - Other Sportsmen

Below are some of the test scores for athletes in other sports. Comparing scores in the 2km run test is difficult, particularly as the test is often run outdoors and the effects of the environmental conditions (wind, heat, cold) can greatly affect the results. Other factors that may affect the variability of results include the amount of warm-up, motivation of the participants and the amount of encouragement given.


AFL Men's 2-km Time Trial best results (updated 2020)

rank result (min:secs) name year
1 5:28 Harry Sharp 2020
2 5:50  Jay Rantall 2019
3 5:51 Finn Maginness 2019
4 5:52 Fraser Rodman 2020
5 6:01  Dylan Stephens 2019

AFL Women's 2-km Time Trial best results (updated 2020)

rank result (min:secs) name year
1 7:14 Nina Morrison (VC) 2018
2 7:29 Bridie Kennedy 2017
3 7:29 Eleanor Brown (VM) 2018
4 7:39 Emerson Woods (VM) 2018
5 7:40 Jasmyn Hewett 2017


This test is only recently been added to the requirements for many international cricket teams. When we have some results we will add them here.

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