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World Best: Number of Sit-Ups

The sit-up or abdominal curl is a common fitness test for abdominal core body strength. The test usually requires the participant to do as many sit-ups as they can in one or two minutes (see sit-up test). In extreme tests of endurance fitness, there have been attempts of the most sit ups in time periods from one to 24 hours and longer.

The following records are not all verified, and I do not claim that the lists are complete. Most of the data has been found from various sources online. Also the technique used is not always standard so it makes comparisons between different records difficult, for example some records are set using an "abdominal frame". See my guide for attempting a world sit up record.

Maximum Sit-Ups in a minute

Sit-up tests of fitness are commonly conducted over a one minute period, with results between 30 and 60 usually achieved (read a description of the one-minute sit up fitness test). Some of the records listed online include ‎Mike Janko‎ achieving 47 sit ups in 30 seconds and 87 sit ups in 60 seconds in October 2016. There is also a reference to Mr. Ramu K. from Madurai, India performing 68 sit-ups in one minute at Army Camp, Srinagar on March 27, 2018.

However, most world record attempts are for longer periods (see below).

1000 Sit-Ups

Fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne set the original benchmark for sit up-ups by completing 1,033 sit-ups in 23 minutes (44.9 average per minute).

Max Sit Ups in 5 minutes

Josh Clark, a fighter out of Valhalla Combat Sports center, did 305 situps in five minutes at the Moon Plaza to break the world record held by a guy from Georgia (the country not the state) who did 268 back in 2012.  This is a new world record that was set 11 April 2020 in Fridley, Minnesota. He attempted this record to gain some funds and publicity to help his gym stay open since the Corona Virus has really hurt the business. (info supplied)

performing a sit-upperforming a sit-up

Max Sit-Ups in 30 minutes

David Begiashvili of Georgia did 1,430 sit-ups in 30 minutes on 25 July 2011 at Zurab Zviadauri Judo School in Akhmeta, Kakheti, Georgia, beating the previous record holder Guy Schott of the USA who did 1,337 sit-ups in 30 minutes at Sonomy County Family YMCA in Santa Rosa, California, USA on 7 November 2009.

Max Sit-Ups in an hour

2013 December 20th, James Clark did 2,601 sit ups in 58 minutes 43 seconds to reclaim his record (not sure if this has been verified). His attempt was made at 10 South 5th street, the Pourhouse down town Mpls, Mn, from 6pm to 7pm.

2011: On April 1st, 2011, 60 year old Vladimir Jurcik broke Jim Clark's world record by just 37 situps, achieving 2,238 crunches in Rundle Mall, Adelaide South Australia. This record has not been officially confirmed. You can see the video of Jurcik breaking the record, in which you will notice that his feet are held down, unlike for Jim Clark's records.

2009:on 7 November 2009, Guy Schott of the USA did 2,477 sit-ups in one hour at Sonomy County Family YMCA in Santa Rosa, California, USA .

2006: A search online found information about James (Jim) Clark, setting a world record 2,201 sit ups in one hour (36.7 ave per minute) at the Mall of America in Bloomington (Minnesota,USA), on June 2, 2006. This apparently broke the existing record of 1,448 by a man from India. It took him just 32 minutes to break the record and he did another 753 by the time his hour was up. You can see the video of Clark breaking the record.

sit up world recordIt has come to my attention another one hour Sit-Ups record set back in 1999 at Leominster Leisure Centre, UK by Ged Musto. In an hour he achieved 2,908 situps (average of 48.5 per minute). The attempt was witnessed by four fitness instructors, two who were counting, one who had placed their palm up to the level that his chest had to touch, and the other who was checking the legitimacy of the sit-ups (his feet were held by one instructor). Guinness did recognize this record at the time because they did not have their adjudicators present, though it was classed as a world's best. This figure is still widely regarded by many fitness and governing bodies as the benchmark for the one hour sit-ups record.

Using an Abdominal Frame

You may note that the situp numbers above are very low compared to the 24 hour sit-up records below, with Freitas averaging over four and a half thousand situps each hour for a whole day! The answer to the discrepancy of sit up numbers is due to the use of an 'abdominal frame' in some record attempts which greatly increases the number of situps. Hour records using a situp frame include 8,555 by Ashrita set in Paris on March 24, 2004, and about 12,000 situps by Norwegian Bård Botten in April 2007.

Max Sit Ups in 24 hours

There are references to several world record marks for sit ups in an hour, here are some that I have found. The record of Skip Chase was done using a "using an abdominal frame" as may some of the other records.

date no. of sit-ups per min ave name details
1989 44,001 30.5 Jim Clark He said that during that time he ate half a banana and half an orange
  103,000 71.5 Bill Evans American
Mar 6, 2002 111,000 77 Edmar Freitas Brazilian weight-training instructor. During the record attempt, he was allowed a five minute break every four hours so he could go to the bathroom. He also ate an energy bar and drank a glass of coconut milk every hour.
Jan. 8-9, 2004 110,912 77 Skip Chase From the USA. The certified Guinness World Record holder.

Freitas broke his previous record of 111,000 sit ups in 24 hours by completing 133,986 in 30 hours. 

Maximum Total Number of Sit Ups (Guinness World Record!)

The Guinness Book Of World Records only lists the record for the maximum number of sit ups, not the most performed in a particular time period as the above records are. Here are some of the records that have been found - there may be others. For endurance records, Guinness allow a five-minute break every hour.

date no. of sit-ups name notes
1966 15,100 unknown FBI agent details from the article below: the Sarasota Journal (Aug 2, 1971, p1)
July 1971

17,000 situps in 7 hrs 27 mins.



Capt Wayne E. Rollings of Elloree SC. situp record
from the Sarasota Journal - Aug 2, 1971, page 1
April 1976 35,000 situps (in 16 hrs) Major Wayne General Rollings sit up world record
April 1981 40,000 (in 16 hrs) Major Wayne Rollings

performed at the University of South Carolina, apparently without stopping. Article is from Star News April 22, 1981.

sit up record

1983 27,051
(in 24 hrs)
Michael Tyne

Tyne was a L/cpl in the British Army. The event was held at Minley Manor in Farnborough. They were straight legged sit-ups too! Details from his daughter and also from the article below from the Reading Eagle (Sep 18, 1984)

Sep 1984 29,004
(in 25 hrs)
Michael Fields

situp record
article published in the Reading Eagle (Sep 18, 1984)

Nov 28-29, 1984 30,001 Tim Kides  
Dec 1984 30,052 Michael Fields achieved at Fort Polk, La
March 1985 35,000
(in 29hrs)
Tim Kides situp record
from the Free Lance-Star - Mar 9, 1985, p15
1984 43,418 Louis Scripa Jr of Fairfield California
July 26-28 1985 45,005
(in 58.5 hrs, ave 12.8 per min)
Mark Pfeltz Mark Pfeltz of Baltimore, Maryland claimed the Guinness Book Of World Records for the maximum number of sit ups, completing 45,005 in 58.5hrs (ave 12.8 per minute). This record was published in the 1986 edition. See his sit up record video.
Nov 13-15 1985 72,746
(in 51 hrs, 44 min)
Tim Kides

Tim Kides was a 21-year-old sophomore at Glassboro (N.J.) State. The record was achieved at the Student Center Lounge. From "Kides is sittin' on world record" Spokane Chronicle (Nov 27, 1985, p10)

situp record

1989 125,001
(in 80 hours)
Tim Kides This record is listed in the 1990 Guinness Book Of World Records with a full page picture of him doing them.

situp recordOther Records?

52,003 situps by Steve Sokol

From the St. Petersburg Times - Jun 29, 1981, page 4

Another article in The News and Courier (Aug 2, 1971, p5) reporting on the same feat mentions that he "placed his feet under a low bar wrapped in rags". The records in the table above, unlike this record, are believed to have been achieved without having the feet supported.

Most people doing sit ups simultaneously

The Guiness World Record for the most people doing sit-ups simultaneously is 263, achieved by Sysmex Corporation (Japan) in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, on 19 October 2013. The participants included employees and their family members of the Sysmex Corporation. The record attempt was part of celebrations of the 45th anniversary of the company's foundation.

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