Guide to Sit-Up Record Attempts

I have listed known world sit up records for various time periods and techniques. It is obvious that there is no universal way to do the sit-up and no central record keeping organization. The Guinness Book of Records has recorded some sit up records, and there are various websites that collect world record data.

Below is a summary of things you should consider when attempting a record, and some procedures that should be followed. Before you embark on a record attempt, you should contact the record keeping group for full details, so that you follow the correct technique and procedures to the letter - you don't want to go through all that effort in vain!

Record Attempt Instructions

These are just general guidelines for any world record attempt, and should not be seen as the official world record rules. You should find the full rules and determine the current record before any record attempt.

Sit Up World Record AttemptTechnique



Good luck!

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