Push Up Beep Test

The Bleep Press-up Cadence is a mp3 download from Amazon.com, to be used when conducting one of the cadence tests described on this site (e.g. push-up cadence test).

This audio track has beeps and counting at a cadence of 20 push-ups per minute (1 push-up every 3 seconds). With this product you will not get a hardcopy of the cd, nor will you get a written description of the test procedure, though this cadence is the same as used for push-up cadence test in the FitnessGram Program, the President's Challenge Fitness Awards and the Connecticut Physical Fitness Test.

Make Your Own

If you did not want to purchase this product, you could also make your own beep recording using the Team Bleep Test Software. You can also customize the software to run many other beep-type tests too.

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