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Problem: I Cannot Download the Audio File

Here is some information about problems you may be having downloading the audio file that was purchased from this site. If you are still having problems after reading this, there is a general beep test FAQ, you can also search this site for more information, otherwise you can send your question to us.

The Audio File Just Plays

On some mobile devices when the link you are sent is clicked, the audio plays but the file is not downloaded. This happens on some mobile devices which are set up to play certain audio files rather than downloading it. You could try pressing and holding down your finger, which sometimes brings up a list which could include the option of saving the file on the device. Unfortunately, each device is different and this doesn't always work.

The best way to access your file is to open up the email link on your computer. You should be able to download it by simpling clicking the link. Again, if clicking on the link plays the file rather than downloading it, try right clicking (on a PC) or alt-clicking (on a Mac). Once the file is downloaded to the computer, then you can send it or sync it to your phone if you want it on there. 

My Link Has Expired

You only have a limited number of downloads that you can make using the link you are sent after you have purchased the yo-yo test. Sometimes there is also a time limit over which the link is active. If you have exceeded the link downloads or the time that it is available, we may be able to reactivate the links. Please contact us for details.

How Do I Open the Zip File

Some of the products will be in the compressed zip format (with the extension .zip e.g. You will need to unzip it (uncompress) the file to access the individual files. Most computers will have an application that can do this. If you have downloaded to your mobile device, you may need to transfer the file to a computer to be able to do this. Once the files have been extracted from the zip file, you should be able to open them with the appropriate program. The .mp3 files can be played by most audio players.

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