Posture Assessment Grid

The posture grid is a useful tool for posture assessment. Posture grids are designed to provide rapid visual cues of an individual's posture to aid in correcting postural deviations, and for education on proper posture. There are several designs, as shown below, each with unique design features. The main feature to look for is a clear grid that makes it easy to see and interpret the posture alignment.

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posture grid

Baseline Posture Evaluation Set (Grid And Evaluator)

This three piece posture assessment set includes the posture evaluator, posture grid and arthrodial protractor (also available separately). The posture grid and posture evaluator can be used together or separately to measure and record posture. This kit includes all you need to perform complete posture evaluations and range-of-motion measurements.

posture grid

Posture Grid with Grommets

This Posture Grid produced by the National Posture Institute is printed on a special lightweight 13 millimeter flexible vinyl with Grommets already inserted, making it easy to hang. The grid is 33" x 78" and 3.0 lb, and comprises eight major horizontal lines and one vertical line that are surrounded by two inch squares, This grid is great as a stand-alone posture education tool. It requires no floor space for set up, so it can fit into almost any assessment room.

Baseline Posture Evaluator

Baseline Posture Evaluator

The posture evaluator can be used to provide posture evaluations that are more precise than those generated by a posture grid. Use the angle pointer to find and measure body or segment alignment. 

retractable posture gridRetractable Posture Grid

The retractable posture grid is designed to be portable and self-contained, and allows for accurate posture exams at remote locations, or in the office or home. It is made of a lightweight aluminum frame. The grid extends to 80 inches and includes a carrying case.

Posture AlignPosture Grid for Wall

Another posture grid wall hanging to be used as a backdrop grid for posture assessment photographs. It is used as a visual aid to demonstrate posture deviations and to educate clients about posture.

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