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There are several programers who have created Apps for the iphone, ipad and related products that can conduct the beep test, with various other functions such as score tracking and rating. I have chosen to highlight some of the better ones - make sure you read the reviews and ratings for the App before purchasing. Why not just download the beep test mp3 file for free.

Bitworks Beep Test Apps

These Apps are brought to you by the same software developers of the Team Beep Test software for Windows. This is the most comprehensive of all the available beep test apps. The greatest feature of this app is the ability to conduct a number of different beep type tests such as the yo-yo test, and even design your own test.

bitworks beep test app

Beep Test Free

Simple version designed for the individual to test themselves. An on screen graphic displays real time progression of the test and the VO2max equivalent score, total distance and current stage and laps. Includes optional vibrate and voice announcement of stage number when moving to the next stage. see more

Beep Test Solo

An enhancement on the Beep Test Free, the Beep Test Solo allows you to run any type of Multi-Stage Fitness Test (MSFT) for any sport. As well as the standard beep test and its variations, you are also able to conduct the Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery and Endurance tests, the UK Police & Fire 15m Test or use the powerful script feature to create your own beep test. You are also able to record and review your previous scores on a graph to track your fitness. See more

Team Beep Test

In addition to the features on the Beep Test Free and Solo, this app is able to record and keep track of test scores for up to 40 player profiles, view past scores (Stage and level, VO2max and total distance) on a graph for all player profiles or highlight a single profile to show detailed score information. See more.

beep test pro appShaun Austin's Beep Test Apps

This Beep Test Application is currently available in four different versions, a standard version which has been optimized for individual fitness testing, a fully featured Pro version complete with individual and team features, and a 15m and treadmill version. A feature of these Apps that does not appear to be on others is the ability to use GPS for the measurement (though manual methods are preferred).

Beep Test Pro: The full featured Pro version complete with individual and team features, GPS measurement, twitter and e-mail of results. Supports a wide array of international testing standards. see more

15m version: Similar to the standard beep test app, though for use for the 15m test. see more

Treadmill Beep Test: Simulates a bleep test for use in a gym, providing a fun and interesting alternative to your usual exercise programs. see more

beep test trainer appSimon Taylor's Beep Test Apps

The Beep Test Application from Simon Taylor is currently available in a few different versions. A feature of these Apps that does not appear to be on others is a Training Tab - so you can start training at any point and loop the stage (available on all but the core version). He has also created a Beep Test Training Guide App.

Beep Test Slim

This is the basic app to conduct the beep test. Although it includes full instructions, it does not save results and give you a rating. see more

beep test trainer

Designed for the individual (only one user at a time), it also has the function to determine VO2max, give fitness level ratings, save results and display graphically over time. see more

Beep Test Team

In addition to the solo version functions, you can track multiple user profiles and results. see more


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