Sit-Up Metronome

There are quite a few sit-up fitness tests that require the subjects to perform sit-ups or curl-ups at a set pace. Here is a simple online sit-up metronome that you can use for these tests. Most of the cadence sit-up tests described on this site use a pace of 20 sit-ups per minute, which is the default rate for the metronome below. However, you can change the rate to any number you want.

With this simple metronome you can set a pace based on the number of sit-ups per-minute. There is also audio indicating the up or down position. You can turn the sound on and off.

sit-ups per minute:

Startstart Stopstop Soundsound

How to Use the Metronome

Adjust the numbers to get the desired pace. Currently, the metronome is set at a pace of 20 (one complete sit-up every 3 seconds). Enter the required number, and press 'start' to begin. You can turn the sound off, the images will still indicate the set pace.


On some devices, the timing may not be accurate. Please check the metronome against a stopwatch before using it for fitness testing. At high rates, some computers and mobile devices may not keep in perfect time due to other computer resources slowing the computer processing down. If you are having trouble with the timing displaying properly, try closing down other apps and windows.

Sit-Up Cadence Tests


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