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Volcano Surfing

Volcano surfing is a sport that was derived from sandboarding, in which, athletes ride downhill on slopes that are covered with volcano ash, using a surfboard. The sport, also commonly known as ash boarding, was invented by an adventurer journalist named Zoltan Istvan, while on a trip to Vanuatu Islands in 2002. Volcano surfing is considered as an extreme sport and there are not many practicing it.

The inventor of the sport classifies volcano surfing into two types, surfing on active volcanoes, and surfing on inactive volcanoes, the only difference being that, the lava and gases from an active volcano presents more challenges and makes the ride more difficult.

Most riders use sandsurfing boards with binding and boots. But volcano surfing can also be done with thin plywood of any other metal board. Riders also wear goggles and other safety gear as needed.

Most riders prefer the standing position and follow a slalom like pattern. But it is also common to see riders use seated position or a luge like position.

Volcano surfing is not contested at a competitive level but is rather practiced only at a recreational level. It is totally reserved for the high adrenaline adventurers who cannot get enough out of sand surfing.

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