Duocock is a new sport created by Sung Yunjae of South Korea in December 2015. Duocock is a two-handed racket sport. It is new concept of sports in which players hit a cock over the net with a pad-type rackets in each hand.

Duocock= duo(double or Pairs) + cock(shuttlecock)

Equipment Required

duocock two handed badmontonDuocock players


Singles matches

- use both hands in rotation
- out on three consecutive strokes with one hand.
- Serve two times(right & left hand)
- court size : 3m * 8m

Doubles matches

- The doubles should be played in turn.
- The server can stroke one more time after serving.
- The serve shall be put into the serve zone.
- court size : 4m * 8m

duocock two handed badmontonDuocock court


Team Event

- Five to seven members make a team.
- The rules for singles competitions apply.
- Hit the cock in order.
- The out-of-court player will exit the court.
- Get all your opponents out of the team and you win.

link: http://duocock.blogspot.com

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