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Jeu de Paume

Jeu de paume, which is called palm game in English, was a ball-and-court game created in France. It can also be called courte paume or real tennis (though the sport of Real Tennis was developed from Jeu de paume).

Jeu de paume was originally played without rackets, but rackets were eventually introduced. Back in the days, the players hit the ball using their hands, but eventually gloves replaced bare hands. Paddle-like bats were used before rackets were introduced. Jeu de paume is used in France now to denote the game of tennis in which the ancient or modern game can be played.

In the 1908 Summer Olympics, Jeu de paume was a medal event; Jay Gould II grabbed the gold medal. Some records show that this game was derived from basque pelota, fistball, fives, Frisian handball, longue paume, paolline, and valencian pilota.

A museum of comtemporary art, which is called Galerie nationale du Jeu de paume, is in a former court which is located north side of the Tuileres park in the heart of Paris.

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