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Pillow Fighting

Pillow fighting is not just for slumber parties. Pillow Fight is a real-life semi-professional women-only sporting event that is all about pillow fighting, founded by Pillow Fight League (PFL) Commissioners Stacey P. Case and Craig Daniels in February 2004. It is based in Toronto, Canada.

The sport is quite similar to a wrestling match, held in a fighting arena. It was first launched in a Canadian Goth bar known as The Vatikan in downtown Toronto.

Other cities have also hosted this popular event like Montreal, Quebec, even New York City, though the primary seat of the Pillow Fight League remain in Toronto and Ontario.

The fight lasts for only five minutes. If by the time limit ends and there’s still no winner, the judging committee (which consists of three members) will declare the winner.

Pillow fighting kids gamePillow fighting started as a kids game

As long as the fighter uses a pillow to attack, leg drops, submission holds, punching and other moves are prohibited within the match. The fighter is not allowed to hold her attacker’s arm when she decides to attack with a pillow, if that happens, she will most likely to be warned or disqualified from the match.

Pillow fighters may end up with bruises, cuts, scrapes and other times, concussions, black eyes, split lips, bruised kidneys, torn muscles and much more. It is not an easy sport. However, actions like biting, scratching, low blows or anything that will result the match to stop will automatically disqualify the rule-breaker.

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