About Rugby 7s

Rugby 7s is a shortened and fast paced variation of Rugby Union. This is the Rugby version that is played at the Commonwealth Games and will be played at the 2016 Olympic Games. Other competitions which use this variant of the game include the IRB Sevens World Series and the Rugby World Cup Sevens.

Rugby 7s is called such as there are seven players on each side on the field at any time (compared to the usual 15-a-side). The matches are of 14 minutes duration (sometimes 20 minutes) compared to the usual 80 minutes. Other variations include 3-man scrums (instead of 8).

The scoring team kicks off (instead of the non-scoring team). 2 minute send of for a yellow card (instead of 10). To speed up play, conversion attempts must be drop-kicked (instead of having the option to place-kick), and done within 40 seconds.

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