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Football Team Nicknames (Women)

Many football teams from around the world have another name by which they are more well known. We have a very expensive list of the men's national team nicknames. Here are the corresponding names for the female national teams. These are not all official names, and some national teams have more than one nickname.

I have tried to find the most commonly used nickname, and included others if known. Some of the teams have listed their nickname the same as for the men's team, and many more may also go by this nickname.

If you have any corrections or additions, please let me know.

List of National Women's Teams

Team Nickname notes
Albania Kuq e Zinjtë meaning Red and Blacks
Angola Welwitschias  
Antigua and Barbuda Benna Girls  
Argentina Albicelestes  
Armenia Ararat  
Australia The Matildas a matilda is Australian slang for a swag carried by travellers, as in Waltzing Matilda, a popular Australia bush ballad.
Azerbaijan Odlar Yurdu meaning The Land of Fire
Bahrain The Reds  
Belgium Belgian Red Flames  
Bhutan Druk Eleven  
Bolivia La Verde meaning The Green one
Botswana The Zebras  
Brazil As Canarinhas meaning The Female Canaries
Bulgaria The Tricolours  
Burundi Swallows  
Cameroon Indomitable Lionesses  
China The Steel Roses or the Forceful Roses
Chinese Taipei Mulan from Hua Mulan, a legendary woman warrior
Colombia Las Chicas Superpoderosas The Powerpuff Girls
Congo Diablesses Rouges meaning The Red She-Devils
Ecuador La Tricolor meaning Three colors
Egypt The Pharaohs  
El Salvador La Selecta also Selección Cuscatleca, Cuscatlecos, La Azul
England The Lionesses  
Equatorial Guinea Nzalang Nacional  
Eswatini Super Falcons  
Ethiopia Lucy  
Faroe Islands Kvinnulandsliðið meaning Women's National Team
Finland Helmarit meaning the Pearl Owls
France Les Bleues meaning The Blues
Germany Die Nationalelf meaning The National Eleven
Ghana Black Queens  
Guam Masakåda  
Gyuana Lady Jaguars  
Indonesia Putri Merah Putih Meaning the Red and White Ladies . Also Putri Garuda meaning Garuda Ladies.
Iran Team Melli Zanan meaing "The Ladies National Team"
Ireland The Girls in Green  
Jamaica Reggae Girlz  
Japan Nadeshiko a flower Dianthus superbus (Large Pink)
Kenya Harambee Starlets  
Lebanon The Cedars  
Macedonia The Red Lions  
Maldives Daughters of the waves  
Martinique Les Matinino  
Mauritania Mourabitounes  
Mexico El Tricolor The Tricolor
Morocco Atlas Lions  
Myanmar The White Angles  
Nepal Nepali Cheli's  
Netherlands Leeuwinnen (Lionesses) or Oranje Leeuwinnen ('Orange Lionesses')
New Zealand Football Ferns  
Nicaragua La Azul y Blanco meaning the blue and whites. Also known as Los Pinoleros, Albiazules
Nigeria Super Falcons  
North Korea Chollima a mythical winged horse
Norway The Grasshoppers Gresshoppene
Papua New Guinea Lakatois a Lakatois is a Motuan sailing vessel
Paraguay Las Guaraníes/La Albirroja  
Peru La Blanquirroja, La Rojiblanca variations of The White And Red
Philippines Filipinas Which means, Filipino ladies. They were previously called the Malditas, meaning Feisty Ladies
Rwanda She-Amavubi meaning The She-Wasps
Serbia Beli Orlovi meaning The White Eagles
Sierra Leone Sierra Queens  
Singapore The Lionesses  
South Africa Banyana Banyana 'Girls Girls'
South Korea Taegeuk Nangja Taegeuk Ladies. Taegeuk refers to the ultimate reality from which all things and values are derived. It is also the symbol that makes up the center of the South Korean Flag.
Spain las soñadoras (the dreamers) also La Roja (The Red One)
Sudan The Challenge  
Sweden Blågult The Blue and yellow
Switzerland La Nati  
Tajikistan The Persian Lion  
Tanzania Twiga Stars  
Thailand Chaba Kaew (ชบาแก้ว) Chaba Kaew is the name of female elephant from the Thai animated movie Khan Klua.
Trinidad and Tobago Women Soca Warriors  
Türkiye Ay-Yıldızlılar meaning Crescent Stars
Turkmenistan Green Girl  
Uganda Crested Cranes  
Ukraine Zhinky  
Uruguay Las Celestes, Charrúas  
USA USWNT, Team USA, The Stars and Stripes, The Yanks USWNT = US Women's National team? not very creative
Vietnam The Golden Girls 'Những cô gái vàng' in Vietnamese
Zambia The She-polopolo  
Zanzibar Zanzibar Queens  

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