Funny Soccer Team Nicknames

Here are some of the funnier sounding national soccer team nicknames. There are probably funnier names of lower level soccer teams from around the world, but these are just from the complete list of National Soccer Team Nicknames.

  1. Les Dodos - the Mauritius team chose this name after the dodo bird, obviously not expecting to do well.
  2. Canarinho - Brazil's nickname meaning 'little canary', not quite the inspiring name required for the best team in the world.
  3. Lokomotiva - the Czech Republic's name meaning the Locomotive. Do they play like locomotives?
  4. the Socceroos - a hybrid word from Soccer and Kangaroo (a native animal to Australia)
  5. To Peiratiko - The Pirate Ship in greek. Where is the connection between a pirate ship and soccer players?
  6. Bafana Bafana - South African team name meaning "the boys, the boys" in isiZulu, sounds much funnier than its meaning.
  7. La Serenissima - the name for the San Marino team means “the Most Serene” in Italian, not a label I would want my national team being called.
  8. Azkals - The name for the Philippines national team, meaning the "Stray Dogs” in Philipino. If you ever see a mongrel stray dog in the Philippines, you may question why the have chosen this moniker.
  9. La Seleccion Cafetera - is one of the names for the Colombian team, meaning “the Coffee Makers”
  10. Danish Dynamite - the Denmark Team.


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