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Three-in-one Race

The new sport of Three-in-one Race was created by Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya from Nagpur, India in August 2018. The three-in-one race is one kind of running race in which three people make up one team. Shripad has previously created the other new sports of DISHA & LUCKCHASE.

Equipment Required: Equipments required: stop watch, pegs for marking, and tape for measuring, Flag or whistle for giving signals, helmets, knee caps etc. 

Sport Description

The position taken by these three boys will be as follows. 

First (out of three) boy will stand by facing the direction of running. Second boy will stand behind the first boy and will place his hands on the shoulders of the first boy. Second boy should keep the tight grip of his hands on the shoulder so that they should not slip (nor move) away from the shoulders of the first boy.

The first boy will now take his hands backside near his hips and engage both the hands with each other (hands interlocking position) so as to make small platform for the feet of the third boy to rest on it.

three in one race

Now third boy will come and by keeping his feet on those hands (of first boy) third boy will climb up. During climbing he has to take position in such a way that his body should be in between the space of the both hands of second boy.

Now third boy should take the support of both the hands of second boy and keep standing there. Means feet of the third boy will be supported by hands of the first boy and his (third boy) additional weight will be supported by two hands of the second boy. In this way one team will be formed out of three persons.

3 in one racers

A number of teams will participate in this race. 

The distance of the race will be fixed unanimously by participants / organizers. Terrain of the race may also vary.  The race will start from one line from where all the teams will stand at start position. All the teams will start simultaneously immediately after getting signal. There is also one alternative in case of non availability of bigger ground. In such condition a path will be fixed and one by one each team will run on this path.

The timing of each team to cover the distance of this path will be noted. The team which will cover the distance/path with minimum time will be a winner. The team which will reach first will be a winner.  

Advantages of this sport are as follows: 

  1. This is outdoor sport good for developing endurance. 
  2. This is an in-expensive sport. 
  3. It develops adventurous aptitude and at the same time participant learns the importance of safety measures like helmets / knee caps etc. 
  4. Generates team spirit among participants. 
  5. Participant learns co-operation. 


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