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Shay Fu

The new sport of Shay Fu was created by Shayne Calvin of Warrenton, Mo, USA in August 2015. This sport is a new Martial Arts Style created by Shayne Calvin. This Martial is known for its fast reflexes, counter attacks, blocks, throws, and hits. there is no dojo that teaches this Martial Art yet but there might be in the future. This new martial art was created on Apirl 29, 2015.


Players are not allowed to hit others in the neck, throat, or temple while playing this sport if the do they will be in a lot of trubble. There are no nose bone, throat jabs, or karate chops to the neck in this sport.

There are 2 rounds in every game but there are 3 rounds if both players win a round. You can win a round by a Knock out, Submission, a Tap out, or if the other player is flat out on their back with the other player on top of them for 17 seconds, You can also win by Points, You get 1 point every time you leg sweep them to the ground and keep them on the ground for 4 seconds, and you get 2 points if you counter block the other player's punch and throw them to the ground.

equipment-required: none required but if the player wants to he or she can wear knee pads, tail pad, or hip pads. and the clothes that the player should wear is shorts or black or grey sweat pants.

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