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The new sport of AlfaBuul was created by Shayne Calvin from the USA, in October 2015. AlfaBuul is pronounced AlphaBall, it seems like a simplified version of American football.

The ball is a small round ball the size is 5cm, 3 inches, or the size of a baseball. There are at least 7 players on a team. On offence there is a Starter, Blocker, Runner, Out of bounce man, and 3 Catchers.

The Starter starts the game by throwing the ball up in the air and catches it, then puts his hand up and counts slowly to 3, when he counts to 3 he throws the ball to a Catcher or a Runner. The Blocker is 3 steps behind the Starter, when the Starter counts to 3 the Blocker runs in front of the Starter and puts his hands on the other team`s defense Tackler`s shoulder then pulls the person forward and pushes him down to the side the keeps running forward.

The Runner is in front of the Starter to his left or sometimes right depends on the play, when the starter throws the runner the ball he catches it and puts the ball by his biceps and tucks it in tight, then he runs to the touchdown. The Out of Bounce Man is about 5 or 10 steps behind the starter to the left, the Out of Bounce Man picks up the ball when it goes out of bounce then he throws it in. One of the Catchers are in front of the starter to the right or left sometimes it depends on the play, one of the other Catchers are 5 or 10 steps behind the Starter, and the other Catcher is 5 or 10 steps behind the Starter to the right, when the Starter throws the ball to the front Catcher the catcher does the same thing the runner does but the Catcher can`t run with the ball tucked into his bicep more than 20 seconds or their team gets 3 points taken of so the catcher has to throw the ball to a Catcher, Runner, or the Starter.

On defence there are 5 people on a defence team are 2 Tacklers, and 3 Blockers. One of the Tacklers are 3 steps in the middle of the Runner And the Catcher, The Tackler runs forward and tries to block the offence Blocker, The other Tackler is 5 steps behind the right Blocker, he tries to tackle anybody that gets past him or by him. The Right Blocker is 5 or 10 steps in front of the Offence Runner, The Right Blocker tries to block the Runner or Tackle him if he has the ball, the Left Blocker is 5 or 10 steps in front of the offence Catcher, the Left Blocker tries to block the Catcher or tackle him if he has the ball, The other Blocker is between both of the other blockers, he tries to block or tackle the starter if he has the ball.

The Runner can run with the play to the touchdown but he has to keep the ball tucked into his biceps or he gets 3 points taken off his team. The Catcher, and the Runner can throw to anybody besides the Out of bounce man, but they have to throw the ball with both hands or they get 2 points taken off there team, the only person that can throw with one hand and how ever they want is the Starts. you can not tackle on offense. If you are a Catcher, or Starter you have to wait 5 seconds to throw the ball. If you go to touchdown zone you have to throw the ball with both hands to the ball touchdown zone.

Equipment Required: field, The ball is a small round ball the size is 5cm, 3inches, or the size of a baseball, team color and jersey.

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