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Calcio Wrestling

The new sport of Calcio Wrestling was created by Shayne Calvin from Warrenton, MO, USA in October 2015. "Calcio" means "Kick" in italian. "Calcio Wrestling" is kind of like normal wrestling but very different. I "Calcio Wrestling" you kick, you also do very strong Takedowns, and some submissons.


In "Calcio Wrestling" you start out on the ground kind of like push up prosition but with your legs wide out and arms wide out but not too wide. Then you shake hands or fist bump, then when the whistle blows you stay like that and move side to side until 5 slow seconds are over then you can choose to stay like that and take them down or kick them or get them into a submission, or you can get up and kick or take them down or get them into a submission.

You can not Punch or Head. But in "Calcio Wrestling" you can kick, do submissions, and takedown people. There is 2 or 3 rounds in every game every round is about 5 mins long, you get a 3 minute long break after every round. You can win by a submission, getting more points than the other player, or by getting the other player on his stomack then getting him into a half nelson and pushing him on his side to get him into a kind of side head lock for 3 seconds.

equipment required: The same equipment normal wrestling uses.

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