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Hungerball Hockey

Hungerball Hockey was created by Andu Iordache from Auckland, New Zealand, in 2018. Hungerball Hockey was inspired by Hungerball Soccer, being played in a similar enclosed structure with four, six or eight internal goals, and with each player defending a goal and attacking at once, either individually all vs all or in teams. Hungerball Hockey can be played on many surfaces including grass, astroturf, sand, concrete and ice. 


Game starts with the ball in the middle, each player touches their goal, and can come out on count down. 

If using sticks players are not allowed to lift above waist. 

Players are not allowed to play the ball with any part of their body when attacking; this being only permitted when defending their goal 

Other faults include body checking (pushing another player) and obstruction (blocking access to the ball using one's body) 

Faults are sanctioned either with a free shot into the empty net of the guilty player from the front of the goal of faulted player or with a penalty shot from the middle with the guilty player defending the goal. 

hungerball soccer


Hungerball Hockey can be played socially using fast in-and-out rotations or competitively either for a fixed time (e.g. 10-15 min) with the player with the largest difference between goals scored and goals conceded at the end of the game winning or elimination, with the last man/team standing winning.

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