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Naming Guide for New Sports

This is a part of the guide for inventing a new sport. Coming up with a unique, appropriate and catchy name is a very important aspect of creating a new sport. It may not be just the sport name you need to come up with, the sport may require new terms for the particular type of equipment used, and other terminology about the rules.

The name should be unique

In the process of deciding on the name, make sure no one else is using that name for a sport. See our complete list of sports and list of new and unusual sports to see if someone has used the same name before or something similar. You will need to be able to register your unique name. See also copyright for new sports.

The name should be appropriate

It is hard enough coming up with a unique name for your sport, but generally the name should also reflect the sport itself. You may try combining the names of the sports that have inspired your new sport. For example a sport that combines elements of soccer and rugby may be called 'Soccerby'. Naming the sport after the inventer or place it was invented is also an option.

The name should be cool and catchy

This is not essential, but in today's world getting your sport noticed may require some creative promotion, and a cool name may be just the thing to encourage people to play it.

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