The new and unusual sport of Biraq was created in 1996 by Leo from Itapetininga in São Paulo, Brazil. It is a racket sport, played on a court 14m x 4.5m. The unusual thing about this sport is that each player uses a racket in each hand (bi-lateral). There are 4 types of rackets, each pair with different weights, determining the category of each player: 0.9kg, 1.2kg, 1.6kg , 1.8kg . The court can be clay, wood, concrete, asphalt, provided it is flat and offers good pike for a tennis ball.


The game starts with one player making the sack, hitting the ball with a racket of sending it over the net 1.15m tall. The opponent gets the ball in his field, knocking it back as soon as she touches the ground sending it back to the opponent's field ... and so on, until someone makes an error.


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