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Playing Positions in Netball and their Roles

In netball, there are seven specific playing positions, each with its own unique role and responsibilities. Each position has specific rules and limitations on where they can move on the court. Players wear bibs which indicate their playing position.

netball bibs letters on the bibs indicate the playing positions

The netball playing positions are as follows:

  1. Goal Shooter (GS): The goal shooter's primary role is to score goals. They are positioned in the attacking third of the court and work closely with the goal attack to create scoring opportunities.

  2. Goal Attack (GA): The goal attack works alongside the goal shooter in the attacking third. Their main objective is to assist in scoring goals while also being involved in the strategic setup of attacking plays.

  3. Wing Attack (WA): The wing attack operates in the center third and attacking third of the court. They are responsible for feeding the ball into the shooting circle, creating space, and providing opportunities for the shooters to score.

  4. Center (C): The center position is the link between the attacking and defending ends of the court. Centers are responsible for distributing the ball, initiating attacks, and coordinating the team's movements. They are allowed to move across all thirds of the court except the shooting circles.

  5. Wing Defense (WD): The wing defense is positioned in the defending third of the court. Their primary task is to block the opposition's wing attack, intercept passes, and disrupt the attacking flow of the opposing team.

  6. Goal Defense (GD): The goal defense defends against the opposing team's goal attack. They operate in the defensive third, aiming to intercept passes, block shots, and prevent goals from being scored.

  7. Goal Keeper (GK): The goal keeper's primary responsibility is to defend against the opposing team's goal shooter. They operate in the defensive third and use their defensive skills to block shots, make interceptions, and protect their team's goal.

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