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Anthropometry and the Martial Arts

Anthropometry (body size and composition) is a very important component of fitness for martial arts athletes.

Having a good reach is often a great advantage in martial arts. Being small or tall can be used to advantage too. You can measure body size measurements such as height and arm span.

Skinfold measures should be performed to determine body fat levels. It is important to be as lean as possible so that the athlete can maximize teir muscle mass for their particular weight category.

Anthropometry and Olympic Athletes

London 2012 Olympic Games

Here is some information from the analysis of the anthropometric data (height, weight and age) from the judo and taekwondo participants at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The judo athletes were shorter than the taekwondo athletes. The heaviest male athlete out of all Olympians was Ricardo Blas Jr, a Judo competitor from Guam. Unfortunately no weight data was provided for the taekwondo athletes.

Sport Age Height (cm) Weight (kg) BMI
OVERALL AVERAGE (all sports) 26.1 176.9 72.8 23.3
Judo (all) 25.9 173.5 76.7 25.1
Judo (females) 25.8 167.1 66.1 23.4
Judo (males) 26.1 177.7 83.6 26.2
Taekwondo (all) 24.1 176.3 - -
Taekwondo (females) 23.2 170.5 - -
Taekwondo (males) 25.0 182.0 - -

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Here is average data from the analysis of the anthropometric data of the judo and taekwondo competitors at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

  Age (years) height (m) weight (kg) BMI
AVERAGE (all sports) 26.8 1.77 72.0 22.9
judo (all) 26.7 1.74 76.9 25.2
judo (females) 26.9 1.67 65.4 23.4
judo (males) 26.6 1.78 84.6 26.4
taekwondo (all) 24.7 1.80 68.1 20.9
taekwondo (females) 24.6 1.73 61.3 20.4
taekwondo (males) 24.7 1.86 74.8 21.4

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