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Skiing - on all types of surfaces

Skiing is a mode of transportation in which a pair of objects, one for each leg, called skis is used to glide over various types of surfaces. Snow skiing is the oldest and the most popular form of skiing that led the way to development of other types of skiing like, grass skiing, sand skiing, and water skiing. Skiing is extensively practiced as a recreational activity and is also extensively contested in competitive events.

Snow SkiingSnow Skiing

Let's take a brief look at the different types of skiing:

Snow Skiing : Involves skiing on snow. There are several types of competitive events conducted for snow skiing. Some of the major events are Cross-country, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, Alpine Skiing, and Freestyle Skiing. Winter Olympic Games and several World Cups are the major competitions held for snow skiing.

Water Skiing : Is a surface water skiing sport. Major competitions involve three different events, slaloms, jumps and tricks. There are also direct races and marathon races held for the sport.

Grass Skiing :  Is a downhill skiing sport on grass that uses specially designed skis. The course used is similar to alpine skiing course.

Sand Skiing : Is a sport that is exclusively practiced in the deserts where the sand is very fine that is conducive for skiing. (see Sandboarding)

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