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Beach Sprint Rowing

Beach Sprint is a type of rowing performed at the beach, incorporating a sprint in the sand and rowing in the open ocean near the shore. It is a form of coastal rowing, and similar to surf ski disciplines of ironman surf-lifesaving.

There can be events for solo, double sculls, and coxed quadruple sculls.

One athlete from each team starts by sprinting in the sand for a distance of between approximately 10 and 50 meters following a signal by the starting umpire. If they are racing a double or quadruple kayak, only one athlete sprints, while the other boat crew members wait by their boat at the edge of the water. There can also be up to two boat handlers per boat.

There are three buoys in the water, first buoy positioned approximately 85 meters from the water's edge, the second buoy a further 85 meters out and the third buoy a further 80 meters out, all in a straight line. The competitors slalom to the right of the first of three buoys, then on the left-hand side of the second, before they make their way up to the third boy and make a hairpin turn 250m out to sea.

sea and surf kayaking sea and surf kayaking

The participants then navigate around the third boy, a technically challenging 180-degree turn, trying to maintain their boat speed. They then make a straight line back to the beach as fast as possible navigating any currents and ocean swells.

One athlete dismounts the boat and races up the beach, hitting the buzzer in the sand to stop the clock. The fastest time wins.

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