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Outrigger Canoeing

Outrigger Canoeing is a racing sport of the canoeing discipline in which canoes with lateral floats called outriggers fastened to the hull is used for racing. The sport is very popular in the Hawaiian islands.

There are different types of outrigger canoes based on, the number of hulls (single or double), the number of paddlers (1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12), and whether there is a rudder used or not. The most common type of canoes used for competitive racing are the six-peddler single-hull outriggers referred to as OC6 and the single-paddler outriggers referred to as OC1.

In competitions, the length of the course varies based on the type of boats used. It ranges from 250 - 500m for OC1 to 500–2000m for OC6. There are also long-distance races that are 20 -30km long, and marathon races that far exceed distances of 42km. For participants that are younger than 20 years, long-distance races of 5 to 8km are also conducted.

Outrigger canoe in HawaiiOutrigger canoe race in Hawaii, USA

Most of the races are held in the Hawaiian Islands, of which the most popular is the men's only race called Molokaʻi Hoe, which is a 69km long race between two islands Molokai and Oahu. The women's version of the race is called Na Wahine O Ke Kai.

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