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Naval Pentathlon

The naval pentathlon is an individual and team competition for men and women, made up of five events: obstacle course, life-saving swimming, utility swimming, seamanship, and amphibious cross-country. It is one of the sports at the World Military Championships and Military World Games, and there is also the Naval Pentathlon World Championship.

Obstacle Course - the obstacle course is over 305 meters for men and 280 meters for women, with the number of obstacles is different for men (10) and women (9). After making six complete turns, the athlete must throw a grenade through a watertight door.

Life-saving swimming - The aim is to rescue and transport a mannequin, simulating a life-saving situation. The men perform part of the competition dressed in a uniform with a minimum weight of four hundred grams. After swimming 50 meters (the first 15 meters underwater), the competitor has to retrieve the mannequin from a depth of 3 meters and transport it to the end of the 75-meter course without letting it go.

Utility swimming - There are four obstacles to overcome (though the first does not occur in the women’s version). First the athlete must swim 25 meters while carrying a 3kg rifle replica. Then pass under a obstacle at a depth of three meters, then over the third obstacle. Lastly, they disconnect a fire hose attached three meters underwater and continue to the other end of the pool to the finish.

Seamanship competition - the athlete has to demonstrate skill with the mast, the cable, and the boat and also has to be accurate in throwing a line.

Amphibious cross-country - this event consists of a 2,500m run interspersed with the tasks of shooting, rowing, and grenade throwing.

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