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Aeronautical Pentathlon

Aeronautical pentathlon is an sporting event at some multi-sport events, such as the Military World Games. The sport was created in 1948 by Commander E. Petit from the French Air Force.

The idea is to physically prepare air-force soldiers for evading enemy soldiers, and is considered as the ultimate fitness test for air-force personnel. The sports are said to represent various aspects of military flying, such hand-eye coordination (shooting and basketball) and combat (fencing).

Despite the name, the sport has six events:

There is also a low-level flying contest included where the competitors serve as navigators, but it is not scored. The composition of events for this sport have changed over time. Previous versions of the sport included flying events in military aircraft (e.g. precision navigation requiring the finish line to be crossed at an exact time).

The aeronautical pentathlon is one of the sports at the World Military Games (first on the program in 2010), and there is also the Military Aeronautical Pentathlon World Championships.


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