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Similar to rock climbing, Para-Climbing is an internationally recognized sport that was created for people with disabilities. As name implies, it is a sport of climbing and falling while tracking the route set on walls. This sport is best known for recovery and development of handicapped individuals. 

The number of disabled athletes taking up this sport continues to grow. This is why some National Federations including that of Italy, Russia and Japan have crafted artificial climbing walls for the disabled to do para-climbing.

Its first competition took place in Japan, Italy and Russia in the year 2005. After three years, in 2008, the first IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing) Cup was held in Moscow, Russia. In this biennially held competition, male and female participants from around the globe take part to show their capabilities. Great poise and amazing efforts are needed to way up on the route as set by the event administration.

disabled climberdisabled climber

In 2011, first Para-climbing World championship was held in Arco, Idaho (USA). In 2013, an entirely new IFSC Para-climbing circuit was established, a significant milestone in the world of para-climbing.

Today, this sport is also considered as a great recreational activity for the healthy people too. Sport climbing will at the Tokyo Olympics Games.

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