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Rope Climbing

Rope Climbing is a sport in which competitors climb up a rope using their hands. Rope climbing has been part of the Olympic Games on several occasions, but was removed in the 1932 games. 

Early last century, competitive climbing events were regularly held on both 20 ft and 25 ft length and 1.5 inch diameter natural fiber ropes.

There is a regular rope climbing competition at the World Police and Fire Games, and competitions are held in the Czech Republic.

The usual starting position is seated on the floor. Before, they used stop watches to time the climb, then an official time is agreed. Now, an electronic timing device is used for competitions.

rope climbingrope climber

Other equipment used are; dynamic ropes, harness, protection, and shoes.

There are several types of rope climbing: aid, big wall, bouldering, buildering, competition, crack, deep water solo, face, free, free solo, ice, indoor, lead, mixed, mountain, rock, roped solo, slab, solo, speed, top rope, and tree.

A record was set by Marcus Bondi on 2010, he had the world record of 91 feet and 2 inches of upward climbs. Ales Novak from France set a record for 20 meters long rope with 25.85 seconds.

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