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Baseball5 (B5)

Baseball5 is a relatively new sport, a shorter and simpler version of baseball and softball that can be played anywhere with minimal equipment. The sport was first proposed in 2018.

It is a street version of the classic games of baseball and softball. It's a bat and ball sport played over five innings with five players per team. The ball is hit with the bare hand - so all you need is a ball and a suitable area to play. It is designed to be inclusive, and be played as a mixed-gender sport.

Baseball5 has many of the same rules as baseball and softball. An innings involves each team taking a turn to bat. There is no pitcher or catcher. The ball starts in the batter's hand, is thrown up and then hit by the striker with the bare hand. Runs are scored by running counterclockwise around four bases. The player can be out by being caught or when a defender with the ball touches either a base or the runner as they attempt to run around the bases.

A small rubber ball is used. The bases are set out on a 21 m (68.90 ft) square, with the bases 13 m (42.65 ft) apart. No gloves are worn.

There is a mixed-gender Baseball5 World Cup for senior and youth players, held every two years. Baseball5 may also be played at the 2026 Summer Youth Olympics.

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