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Wiffleball is a sport that was derived from baseball that can be played indoors or outdoors, and even in confined areas. The sport is mostly played at a recreational level, in backyards, city streets, or on beaches, within the United States.

Wiffleball is played with a ball that is similar in size to that of a regular baseball, but that is where the similarities ends. Some of the major aspects of the ball used are,

The special design of the ball enables throwing a variety of curveballs and risers, which make the sport distinctive. The bat used, which is much thinner than a typical baseball bat, is also specially designed. The bat is hollow, made of plastic, and is 32 inches long.

T-Ball t-ball with a wiffle ball

Except for the bat and the ball used, all the other rules for the sport are exactly the same as baseball.

The sport is more difficult that it seems and was proved on an ESPN's "SportScience" show where a baseball player had difficulty hitting the wiffleball.

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