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Types of Lacrosse

There are several main types of lacrosse played around the world, modifications for men and women, for contact and non-contact versions, and diffferent fields.


Field Lacrosse — a full-contact outdoor men's version of lacrosse.

Box (Indoor) Lacrosse — a version of lacrosse that is played in a smaller indoor arena (called a box), with six players in each team.

Women’s Lacrosse — a limited-contact version of lacrosse

World Lacrosse Sixes — an exciting new smaller team faster-paced lacrosse format making the sport more accessible.

Intercrosse — a non-contact version of lacrosse.

Polocrosse — an equestrian sport combining the sports of lacrosse and polo, basically lacrosse on horseback.

a polocrosse match in action a polocrosse match in action


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