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Essential Lacrosse Equipment

Here is some Information about the equipment used for lacrosse. The equipment may vary between the different types of lacrosse.

lacrosse helmet lacrosse helmet

The Stick

The tip of the lacrosse stick has a loose mesh designed to hold and catch a lacrosse ball. In intercrosse, the stick used has a plastic head.

The Ball

Unlike tennis balls, lacrosse balls are firm like a rubber baseball and don't squish under pressure. The ball’s weight is about 140-149 grams. For intercrosse the ball used is soft, large and hollow.

The Field

Lacrosse is either played outdoor or indoor. The game is played on rectangular fields with goals at either end. The outdoor lacrosse field is 110 yards long by 60 yards wide. Intercrosse is played on a smaller 40 m X 20 m field. The indoor 'box' lacrosse play area is much shorter - the games are usually played on an ice rink where the ice has been removed or covered.

Protective Gear

The players equip themselves with a lacrosse stick, and protective gear which may include a helmet, eye protection, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and athletic cup gloves.

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