International Hockey Player of the Year (FIH)

Each year since 1998 the Fédération Internationale de Hockey sur Gazon (FIH), known in English as the International Hockey Federation, has awarded prizes for the International Player of the Year.

In recent years, the male award has been dominated by Jamie Dwyer from Australia (5 wins). Teun de Nooijer of the Netherlands also won it three times.

Luciana Aymar of Argentina has won the female award the most times - seven. Another category for junior (U21) players was added in 2001.


Male FIH Player of the Year 

Year Player Country
2012 Moritz Fürste Germany
2011 Jamie Dwyer Australia
2010 Jamie Dwyer Australia
2009 Jamie Dwyer Australia
2008 Pol Amat Spain
2007 Jamie Dwyer Australia
2006 Teun de Nooijer The Netherlands
2005 Teun de Nooijer The Netherlands
2004 Jamie Dwyer  Australia
2003 Teun de Nooijer The Netherlands
2002 Michael Green Germany
2001 Florian Kunz  Germany
2000 Stephan Veen  The Netherlands
1999  Jay Stacy  Australia
1998 Stephan Veen  The Netherlands

Female FIH Player of the Year 

Year Player Country
2011 Maartje Paumen The Netherlands
2010 Luciana Aymar Argentina
2009 Luciana Aymar & Naomi van As Argentina / The Netherlands
2008 Luciana Aymar Argentina
2007 Luciana Aymar Argentina
2006 Minke Booij The Netherlands
2005 Luciana Aymar Argentina
2004 Luciana Aymar Argentina
2003 Mijntje Donners The Netherlands
2002 Cecilia Rognoni Argentina
2001 Luciana Aymar Argentina
2000 Alyson Annan Australia
1999 Natascha Keller Germany
1998  Alyson Annan  Australia

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