Tiger Woods' Golf Swing

by Mike Pedersen

Tiger Woods' golf swing is one that creates a lot of power and sometimes gets him into trouble. Without a doubt…being the number one golfer in the world, his golf swing is pretty good wouldn’t you say?

What is the KEY to achieving a similar swing to Tiger's?

There is a couple of things right off the top that any golfer no matter age or ability can accomplish given a little bit of “off the course” training on your body!

Rotate with your body

Tiger does this with the strength of his core. By developing a stronger core from a rotational standpoint, you will add many yards to your drives. A term for this is “staying-connected” throughout the golf swing.

Tiger always fights his lower body getting way ahead of his upper body during the downswing (getting “stuck”), so he tries to keep his arms and club in front of his chest for as long as he can. This promotes a better sequence for the downswing, which puts him at impact in a very powerful position.

There are many drills you can do to achieve this body rotation. Sticking a towel under both armpits while you swing a wedge is one way. If the towel drops, your arms have become disconnected from your body.

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods

Swing through to a full finish

You’ll notice on most of Tigers shots he is fully rotated in the finish position. Only when he is hitting a punch or knock-down shot does he not have a full finish. This is an indicator Tiger is swinging through the ball, not just hitting at it.

When you focus on swinging through the ball, you’ll find your distance will increase, as well as your fairways hit off the tee. For most of us amateurs, the “hit” instinct is something we fight all the time.

It’s so easy to say we all can’t have Tiger Woods golf swing and that is partly true. But applying the above two movements to your swing will do wonders.

The only thing left is working on your body “off the course”.

Golf is no longer viewed as just a leisure game. It is an athletic movement that demands a higher level of conditioning specific to golf if you want to play your best!

So don’t try to copy it, but think about the common parts you can do…and you’ll at least look like you have Tiger Woods golf swing!

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