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How To Be A Better Golfer

Golf is a game played on an open-air course using a selection of clubs to advance a small, sturdy ball toward a hole to limit the amount of strokes needed to sink it. But for a golf enthusiast, it is so much more. 

golf setupthere is always room for improvement

A player wants to improve with every swing, feel confident about club selection, and make wise gameplay decisions. It is a physical pastime you love and hate, with highs, lows, and various emotions. One minute you duff your ball into the water, and the next, you hit that sweet spot and drop your ball on the green next to the hole.

Are you happy with your level of golf play? Unless you get holes in one on every shot, there is room for improvement. Let's face it, that is why we play the game. To help your game succeed, these are some tips on becoming a better golfer.

Get Fitted

You know when you wear loose clothing. It makes you feel uncomfortable, and you are not at your finest. With golf, the right clubs make all the difference. If you want to improve your game, get fitted for the best new or used golf clubs.

Clubs come in different sizes and need to be comfortable for the user. You can talk to the local club pro or go and get professionally fitted so your clubs are appropriate for your size. Your driver is especially dependent on it.

You lead off with the driver and set the tone for each hole. Your success off the tee will determine what clubs you use down the fairway or in the rough. It also plays with your mind. With a successful, long, straight tee shot, you will be confident and ready to lay it on the green.

Your driver will be the longest and most expensive club in your bag and can be a mix of titanium for the head, a graphite shaft, and composite or steel. Other factors to consider are:

Your driver, putter, and other clubs are a significant investment but worth the cost to improve your game. 

Get Fit

Golf is not for the fainthearted. You spend several hours in the elements on your feet and use most of your muscles with every swing. There is bending and twisting involved the whole time, so you need to be able to handle the physical toll that this game dishes out.

You don't have to train like an Olympian, but being in shape is a brilliant idea. Away from the golf course, you can stay strong through cardio, like walking and biking. You can also do strength training exercises like lifting weights and playing other sports like tennis and swimming.

Maintaining a healthy weight and fitness will strengthen your stamina while playing and your recovery the next day.

Play More

This seems obvious, but you need to work on your game to improve. The issue is that if you have bad habits, they will only get ingrained in your behaviour. You need to use the right techniques to eventually get it right. Keep working on it until you can't get it wrong.

The driving range is a good start and should be visited regularly. It will help you perfect your swing, regardless of the club. Nothing replaces a real course, so play more practice rounds on different rounds from par 3 to executive courses. This will improve your physical and mental abilities as well. Take out your clubs at home and practice your swings at least 100 times daily.

Follow a Routine

Golf is about consistent repetition, and all successful golfers create a routine. This leaves nothing to chance because you follow a sequence of movements that have brought you success, keeping you focused on the game more.

Following a routine gives you time to relax as you set up your shot. It can include:

This all creates muscle memory and calms your mind at the same time. After hitting the ball, hold your pose and check for balance so your belt buckle faces the target. In addition, the back heel of the shoe is off the ground. This ensures you have had a full swing.

Getting better at golf is like eating. There is no end destination, only an endless path that provides enjoyment and sustenance. Follow these steps to be an improved golfer and, most of all, have fun because that's what games are for.

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