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Basic Coaching For The Golfing Beginner

Golf continues to be one of the most popular sports in the world and it seems that almost everyone you know plays the game. But what do you do if you're a beginner and your golf lessons aren't yet paying off? There is many things you can do to become a better golfer. The thing that beginner golfers need to remember is that golf is a game of patience and practice that is based on technique.

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At possibly no other place is the adage 'practice makes you perfect' more applicable than in the game of golf. The more you practice the technique the more success you'll have on the golf course. The most important basic that regulates almost the entire game of golf is 'the swing'. This is to be mastered if you wish for success. Unless you have the swing right, you will most likely fail at the rest of the parts of a golf game.

The first step in learning your swing is getting the grip down to a science. Ask your instructor to show you how to place your hands in the right gripping position. If you don't do this correctly you won't be set up well to hit the ball. If you pay attention to other golfers, you will notice that everyone moves a bit differently through the swing. The grip is the part that stays uniform.

The grip and swing are obviously important to the outcome of your golf game, and so is the stance. Begin by using the correct stance when you use your driver. In time you will also learn a different stance to go with each club in your golf bag.

When you're practicing you need to make sure that your stance is as wide as your shoulders at all times when using a driver. The only time your stance will be a little shorter is when the drive that you're attempting is a narrow shot of 60 yards or less. One of the important things that you need to concentrate on when you're going to swing is that you have the target and aim correctly aligned. With time and practice you'll be able to get a good feel for your golf swing and stance and how to use them together.

Having perfected the swing with the driver, as you move down the list of clubs, the position of the ball is also moved back slightly. When you are using a driver, the requirement is to hit the ball into an upward motion rather than a lower motion.

Your posture plays another important part in perfecting your golf game. The right posture is important in achieving the correct stance. If you fail to distribute your weight correctly you are liable to end up with a weak swing. Remember when you're starting to play golf that if you give yourself the right foundation and practice your technique, you won't end up quitting forever in frustration.

When it comes to your weight distribution you'll need to get a real feel for what you need for your game. When you execute a good golf swing you'll find that your body will move back from your rear foot in the back motion while at the same time your front foot will hold the weight on the forward motion.

Each club needs a different pattern and time for the weight shift to take place. This is mastered with practice and time.

Mastering the game of golf takes time and practice. Give yourself lots of time to perfect one part of your game at a time rather than tackling all the techniques at once. Don't forget to ask for advice from other players that are having the kinds of games that you want to have.

Article by Noel Malcombe

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